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The last novelty for the Spanish players of Fortnite in Movistar allowed to charge their purchases directly on the invoice that they already have with the operator, providing much of the purchasing process.

This function is part of a new agreement signed between Bpl and Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite; but also affect the purchases of games and other digital content.

Of course, Fortnite needs no introduction, as it remains one of the games online most popular of the moment; and a good part of the blame is their business model, offering the game free of charge to all users.

Fortnite in Movistar, so it works

As an option, Fortnite offers players the possibility to buy with real money, such as, for example, the ‘Turkeys’, the virtual money of the game that will give us access to, among other things, the new visual aspects such as costumes.

However, this purchase tends to be an obstacle in itself for the players, who may not have a credit card associated with your account, for example.

Fortnite on a mobile phone Samsung

Fortnite on a mobile phone Samsung

The alliance between Movistar and Epic Games will allow players to directly pay with the invoice you already have with the operator. That means that we can make payments in the game without the need to enter personal information or our credit card.

Each month, when we get the bill from Movistar, will be charged what we have spent on the game. Therefore, it is much easier for all the players of Fortnite.

Telefónica boasts of being the first operator in the world to reach such a deal with Epic Games; for the moment will be available only in Spain, but is expected to hit the rest of Europe, in addition to Latin america.

Epic will not have to pay to Apple or Google

For Epic, this is a smart way to bypass the limitations of the app stores, which force developers to give them a portion of the revenue earned with purchases in their apps.

Epic Games has declared against these practices, in many occasions, coming to criticize Android and iOS by ‘the loss of privacy and freedom’. It is the reason that originally, Fortnite was not released in the Google Play Store; but finally, Epic had no choice but to use the Google platform to reach its millions of users.

The signed agreement implies that, if we are users of Movistar, when we buy something in Fortnite part of that money is now not going to go to Apple or Google.

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