Be the best player of eSports in League of Legends it is quite a challenge, since you need advanced skills of communication, reflections, and even take a fitness proper.

Continue reading because in We talk about Gamers we will tell you of the super stars that are around this amazing game.

It is worth mentioning that it took into account the amount of money you have been able to get the players in competitions.

Also the recognition that you have achieved in the leagues where they have participated.

How can you become a professional player in League of Legends?

Are different factors that enable one to become a professional player.

Among them is this to have a broad understanding of the goal of the game in which it is competing.

For example, the meta-game lets you get to know the characters, factions or types of profiles that have a higher percentage of victories.

In a nutshell it allows you to have an advantage over the opponent that you face.

However, depending on the game you can think of mechanical or tactics to win.

We must also take into account the continuous practice of skills, capacity of reaction and quick decision making.

In addition, a correct diet, physical exercise and even generate spaces of rest will allow you to generate a better performance inside the video game.

Now we’ll show you the 3 players who have made a difference in the scene’s competitive world of League of Legends.

3. Uzi (LPL – Royal Never Give Up)

Let’s start with Uzi, he is a player that combines skill, mechanics, and mental toughness.

By what is recognized as the best player of attack damage (AD) in the world.

In addition, she possesses a great skill and is to have a correct position every time with pinpoint accuracy in every one of his moves.

On two occasions, has been crowned champion of the Pro League

According to Esports Earnigns, page specialized in information of players around the world, he has managed to obtain a total of $545,447 dollars in 41 tournaments he has participated.

Here we leave the best moves of Uzi.

2. Rookie (LPL – Invictus Gaming)

Despite being a player who is not so famous within the league of Legends, yes he has great skills in the game.

Rookie is a player who I emphasize heavily in your career in the Worlds of 2018, where his life took a turn of 360 degrees.

Because that is proclaimed as the best player of League of Legends in the world championship.

Their individual skill was so extensive that he spent the entire tournament chasing players midlaners as if they were players of gold random Solo Queue.

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Their talents go far beyond the phase of mid lane, the rookie is the cornerstone of Invictus Gaming, of vital importance in team fights.

Because in your line or at the game with his companions, makes everything that is in your hand for your team to succeed.

1. Faker (LCK – SKT T1)

If you know something of eSports you acknowledge that Faker is synonymous with great skill game.

It has gained such recognition for a career that has taken in worldwide competitions.

This man is a monster competitive that rises without problems to the highest point of the classification of players of League of Legends.

Have a sparring partner to Faker means to conduct a thorough analysis of each of his moves.

It’s incredible, but he is nicknamed The Unkillable Demon King (the Demon King Immortal).

In the latter stages of the game, Faker becomes the as perfect who routinely finds a chance of the game after the other.

As midlaner of T1 ensures an advantage, always seems to find the way to open the map with paths and teleports.

Without a doubt, their individual achievements stand out in history is competitive and until you remove it is difficult to imagine that someone arrives to his high competitive level.

Do you want to reach a high level in League of Legends?

To reach a high competitive level is possible, and this is not to play non-stop and give you other spaces that are necessary for your life.

“I think that a professional player eSports, practicing and competing in games all day is not a great idea, it is for this reason that I am participating in extra activities and I have changed the perspective to be able to focus better on the games.”

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