Xbox Series X and Series S have had a great start around the world, from a sales point of view. Microsoft has previously said the two next-gens have become the biggest launch ever in Xbox history, and that’s something that, according to a new report from VGC, also affects the UK.

According to various publishers, the Xbox Series X and Series S collectively sold about 155,000 units at launch, surpassing the Xbox One, which sold 150,000 units within 48 hours of its launch in 2013. The new Xbox consoles are still not up to par. PS4 – which sold 250,000 units in the first 48 hours and remains the largest hardware launch in UK history – or PSP, which sold 185,000 units at launch.

Interestingly, of the two new Xbox consoles, it is the more expensive Xbox Series X that appears to have driven the majority of sales, with VGC’s report stating that two-thirds of next-gen sales were Series X consoles. Worldwide, Microsoft says Xbox Series S has added ” the highest percentage of new players to any Xbox console at launch .”

Microsoft itself hasn’t provided exact figures on Xbox hardware sales for some time and will continue to not provide figures with the next-gen, so we’ll probably never get official details from Microsoft. Either way, it’s clear that the new Xbox consoles have enjoyed a successful launch when it comes to sales.

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