Since the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S , groups of touts have been buying up consoles and then reselling them at exorbitant prices on the web. But now a group that bragged about securing 1000 orders for Xbox Series X / S found them all canceled.

The group, the same group that claimed to have ordered 2,500 PS5s at launch, posted on social media yesterday that it had secured “over 1000” Xbox Series X consoles from a “well-known online retailer.” Scalpers essentially charge a monthly subscription of £ 29.99 (or a lifetime subscription of £ 399.99) for its members to get information on how to scalp yourself and reportedly use bots to find automatically cheap prices and complete bulk purchases. The group claimed to have informed its members of resupply at the retailer and urged its followers to purchase a subscription for the information.

The retailer in question is apparently Very, which normally limits console purchases to one unit per person. It seems likely that the group has managed to find a way around this restriction – but unfortunately for the scalpers, the company has now canceled all orders. ” Following a glitch, some people were able to place orders for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles on Sunday for a short time, ” Very said. ” However, these items are not for sale and affected customers have been notified that their orders have been canceled. We apologize for the confusion caused .”

The scourge of scalpers continues and one of the most used platforms is eBay, where there are people who sell consoles at stratospheric prices.