Digital Foundry has returned to examine the new Watch Dogs Legion of Ubisoft and, this time, the British editors decided to dwell on the implementation of the technology ray tracing, comparing the Xbox Series X / S and PC.

From what emerged, DF’s analysis states that from the point of view of ray tracing, Xbox Series X / S would be on par with an Nvidia RTX 2060 Super, which is the entry-level GPU among the cards with hardware dedicated to ray tracing.

Some may be surprised by this analysis, but it must be remembered that Ubisoft’s game, as far as ray tracing on consoles is concerned, represents only a first step, and in this case, we cannot talk about the maximum potential of the two next-gens.

Alex Battaglia of DF also points out that Gears 5 has similar performance to an RTX 2080 and does not use ray tracing, so the comparison of the latest Watch Dogs with an RTX 2060 Super could be even more “strange”. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the introduction of new technologies on consoles, such as ray tracing, is still in its infancy.

What do you think of Digital Foundry’s analysis?