This week marks a new era in the history of Microsoft in the video game industry with the launch of Xbox Series X and Series S. It has been a nice trip. The company has been making games for years but got into the console business with the original Xbox, and then held out with Xbox 360 against Sony’s PS3. Then came Xbox One. Most gamers probably know that the system’s rollout did not go as expected in 2013 and largely allowed Sony to take over most of the major markets in the current generation that is coming to an end. As it turns out, this was enough to question the future of the entire Xbox brand.

In a very long interview with ShacknewsPhil Spencer recalled the period after the launch of Xbox One when Don Mattrick said goodbye to Xbox. Spencer said the Xbox team was divided into different sections and Microsoft’s own leadership was constantly changing. When Satya Nadella took over as CEO, many difficult questions were apparently asked, one of which was whether or not Microsoft would continue with the Xbox brand.

” So Satya becomes the CEO in February. So the question was, do we move on with Xbox? Because at this point we’ve really been overtaken by PlayStation on the market. Do we feel the pinch? Or do we make a different decision? “

” He and I had a discussion and gave a presentation. I said,” You know, games can be a really important category for the company. “He didn’t quite understand that yet. But he was willing to bet on us like And I said, “The thing I need if I’m going to get into the role to lead this group, is to put everything back together. I can’t have my hardware team over there and the platform team over there and first-party ones over there. I need to bring it all back as a cohesive team. “And he agreed. So I ended up working in the Windows division and we got all the pieces together .”

Microsoft has long since stopped reporting the numbers for Xbox sales, but it appears that Xbox One has performed well below expectations. The brand has apparently been back on track, however, thanks in large part to Game Pass and the expansion of the ecosystem on PC.

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