Microsoft and Sony have launched their next-gen flagships Xbox Series X and PS5 , and as you may have seen, for this new generation the two giants have thought of more console models, also offering the public the Xbox Series S and PS5 Digital Edition .

The latter two are characterized by a lower price than the standard Series X and PS5 (with disc drives): Series S is priced at 299 Euros, while the digital edition of PS5 costs 399 Euros. From a performance point of view, Microsoft’s “little one” has technical compromises, while Sony’s “cheap” machine is identical to the standard PS5 except for the lack of a hard drive.

Now, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed that Microsoft didn’t expect Sony to launch a second PS5 model.

With Xbox Series S, ” we thought about inclusion, how to engage as many players as possible and make next-gen accessible to as many users as possible. We thought about how to attract more people into the world of video games to find new players .”

” As I saw it, Sony’s strategy of launching a single machine was the best argument against the dual console idea. We didn’t think they would do anything like us too .”