In 2020, the world was brought to its knees by the Coronavirus pandemic as cases began to spread everywhere. In March, many countries stalled, with businesses of all kinds forced to close if not essential. This has been the case with game makers and studios and in a new Bloomberg article, the production of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S during this difficult period was explained.

” Everyone has a plan until a global pandemic strikes, ” Xbox’s Jerret West told Bloomberg. And really, no one, not even the US government, had planned how to handle a pandemic that saw 10.3 million new cases and 240,000 deaths according to the New York Times.

With employees working from home due to lockdowns, Microsoft had to find ways to allow employees to still work efficiently on hardware. Bloomberg reports that Microsoft has switched to using cloud computing tools as well as improving its network infrastructure. As for development, specific roles depended on equipment and technologies available only within the studios.

It was revealed that Microsoft repurposed xCloud which made it possible to test and create games over the Internet. The service allowed teams to access high-end hardware from the comfort of their homes. ” Nearly 60 studios, including some from Microsoft […], have used the tool to develop and test their games. Microsoft has also used it to fix bugs with hardware .”

Employees at Turn 10 Studios, the studio behind Forza Motorsport, also worked from home, but when it became apparent it wasn’t safe to go back to the office yet, Alan Hartman, studio vice president told employees to go to the office, take what. they needed and bring it home. ” I’ve seen people literally hoard equipment in the trunks and back seats of their cars .”

Xbox boss Phil Spencer told Bloomberg: ” The launch of Halo and an Xbox console at the same time was supposed to be a great time for us .” Halo Infinite was supposed to be a next-gen console launch title, but the game has been postponed and recently lost its director. However, Phil Spencer believes that the new Halo Infinite release period could benefit the company, as Bloomberg writes, ” the new timelines for Halo Infinite could work in Microsoft’s favor, Spencer said if the game then helps sell more. console when supply meets demand. “

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are currently available.

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