Xbox Series X reviews and various analyzes have given us a clearer idea of ​​how games will run on Microsoft’s next-gen and, now, further analysis of the console’s Blu-ray player has revealed something quite surprising.

According to the YouTube channel HDTVTest, which thoroughly examined the Series X player, it appears that the console does not offer a top-notch multimedia experience.

Specifically, the analysis revealed that the Series X Blu-ray Player does not support Dolby Vision, HDR10 +, 3D Blu-rays, and True Black. Because of this, according to HDTVTest, ” Xbox Series X is not recommended as a top tier 4K Blu-ray player for now .”

These shortcomings would make the multimedia experience worse than the Xbox One X which, for example, supports True Black and therefore is able to reproduce the black levels in a brighter way than the next-gen.

The lack of support for Dolby Vision will perhaps cause even more discussion, as the technology is exclusive to Series X.

Of course, that could change with a future update from Microsoft.

What do you think?