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Xbox Series X is already in the hands of … Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida!


Xbox Series X is finally available as of yesterday (along with Series S). Microsoft’s next-gen has officially begun and now we await the launch of the PS5 scheduled for tomorrow, November 12, in selected regions.

The next-gen of the Redmond giant has arrived in the hands of players and while Microsoft celebrated the launch with some videos yesterday, congratulations from Sony also arrived.

Now, we learn through Twitter that Microsoft’s high-end console has also come into the hands of Shuhei Yoshida, the former boss of Sony’s Worldwide Studios.

Yoshida, showing his Xbox Series X, wrote ” a new friend in my room ” and revealed that he played ” Ori ” (possibly Ori and the Will of the Wisps).

In response, the official Xbox account commented: ” Thursday we will make room for a new friend! “:

How about?