The next-gen has officially begun with the launch of the Xbox Series X / S and PS5. The focus of this new generation of consoles is the battle for 4K supremacy, but interestingly Microsoft has also created Xbox Series S for those happy with 1080p gaming. Now, thanks to a new video teardown, we can find out in detail how the little sister of Series X is made.

Microsoft’s choice to produce a full digital console greatly influenced the internal design of the S Series. With the lack of a hard drive there is only one cable that binds the components together. The heatsink covering the 197mm² AMD APU takes up nearly 60% of the motherboard surface. While Series S may be tiny by modern console standards, its cooling fan is huge, and the little space left by the heat sink and fan assembly is taken up by the internal power supply.

On the underside of the motherboard is the console’s biggest surprise. The system storage SSD is plugged into the socket rather than soldered directly to the board itself. Series S’s primary design focus was to provide a cheaper alternative for gamers, but this standard m.2 slot reveals that Microsoft has plans for future expansion. This SSD, while not user-accessible in the traditional sense, will likely provide an alternate method of expanding storage space outside of Microsoft’s proprietary external offerings.

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