The next-gen has now begun with the launch of Xbox Series X / S worldwide and PS5 in select regions (the global launch is scheduled for tomorrow, November 19th).

Among the various features of the various consoles from Sony and Microsoft, we cannot fail to mention the shapes of the new Xbox and PlayStation. As you may have seen, Series X looks like very compact hardware, while PS5 has a decidedly futuristic design.

The shapes of the new consoles have been the subject of numerous meme among them could not miss those dedicated to the “smaller” of the next-gen, or Xbox S Series.

Many have compared the Series S to a speaker, due to the ventilation grille on the top, and now Xbox intervenes with a “clarification”, stating through the official Twitter account that ” Xbox Series S doesn’t look like a speaker “. 

And have you ever thought about the similarity of Series S to a loudspeaker?