Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making Xbox more accessible in recent years, with the Xbox Adaptive Controller being a positive step towards responding to gamers’ specific needs. The controller went through numerous iterations when it was in development, thanks to constant feedback from the community.

” The Xbox Adaptive Controller looks nothing like the first prototype created, ” Brannon ZahandMicrosoft’s senior gaming accessibility program manager, told Game Informer. ” It has changed many, many times over the course of development. This is because we built the device with the Gaming & Disability Community. The feedback was coming in all the time and it forced us to re-examine the design of the product numerous times during its creation .”

Microsoft mainly focused on people with reduced mobility for the controller, prioritizing continuity and compatibility so that users could quickly adapt to the new language of this device. Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S also include accessibility features in their software, such as speech synthesis, speech synthesis, and narrators, making the gaming experience more suitable for a wide variety of players.

AbleGamers aired its 2020 Video Games Accessibility Awards earlier this month, in honor of the games and studios that are committed to making their products available to all types of gamers. Many of this year’s biggest games, such as The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, and Apex Legends, have received awards from the organization in numerous categories.

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