Microsoft and SEGA are hiding something: this is the belief of the gaming people. According to the most popular theories, Sonic’s house will be the next to re-enter the Xbox shopping campaign. After Bethesda, why not turn your attention also to the Japanese market, with one of the most famous Japanese houses?

There are numerous arguments that can be put forward to dispel these rumors and beliefs (first of all by reminding you that SEGA is not just video games, but a real multimedia empire at home), but even in that case, the community is certain: the two companies have at least a project in the pipeline.

Evidence of this secret pact? Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox Games Marketing, recently posted on Instagram an image of a hedgehog in front of an Xbox controller.

This teaser, which should refer to Sonic, the SEGA mascot, was shared by Greenberg himself last September and this is nothing more than the second publication of the same, same image. So we ask ourselves: why show it again?

It could easily be a coincidence and Greenberg could simply have chosen that photo because a hedgehog in front of an Xbox controller is “cute”, but gamers, albeit with a veil of conspiracy, see it as the prelude to a colossal announcement.


Obviously, we will not take anything for granted and will continue to consider this information as a mere rumor, pending some official statement. However, in the meantime, let’s try to advance some theories: do you think Microsoft and SEGA are really working on something together, maybe on Sonic? Do you think the acquisition hypothesis is true? Or, another possibility, is all this nothing more than empty speculation?