A new cinematic in World of Warcraft is available. Find out what happens to Nathanos Blightcaller, the Banshee Queen’s henchman.

The pre-event of Shadowlands has already started on the American WoW servers. The players quickly discovered a new cinematic that revolves around Nathanos Blightcaller. He’s a conquerable enemy in the pre-event and even gets it’s own little cinematic to end the quest series.

Where does the video appear? The cinematic is part of the pre-event for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. While the Scourge is raging amok and ravaging the world, Sylvanas Windrunner ordered Nathanos Blightcaller to “come back and wait for instructions”. He is at the Marris Estate in the Eastern Plaguelands, his ancient home.

This can be seen in the video: The video shows the end of the fight against Nathanos. He’s bored with the heroes and easily keeps them in check. But then Tyrande comes in, the night warrior. She overpowers Nathanos and disarms him, asks about Sylvanas’ whereabouts.

Nathanos replies and reveals that Sylvanas is with “him” (the jailer). Nathanos asks that Tyrande should kill him directly because that would send him “straight to Sylvanas”. Nathanos then mocks Tyrande, which leads her to kill him directly and thereby grant him his wish.

Who is Nathanos Blightcaller? Nathanos Blightcaller was the only human trained to be a ranger by the Quel’Thalas elves. When the undead Scourge invaded, he became a Forsaken and later served the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner. Since a few extensions it has got a bigger role. Sylvanas got him a new body and made him her chief henchman who faithfully carried out her orders.

Nathanos is a rather controversial character in the community. Many players have been waiting for months to finally beat him. Now this dream is finally coming true in a quest.

What do you think of this video? Do you like the fate of Nathanos Blightcaller? Or would you have wished for another finale for him?