World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is coming and for the occasion Blizzard has released a spectacular new launch trailer. The expansion engages players on an adventure into the Shadowlands, a realm of an endless afterlife where mortal souls come to find new purposes or suffer eternal torment from the Jailer in his Tower of the Damned. As players explore this otherworldly place, players will discover the fate of the legends of Warcraft, forge a bond with one of the four Covenants that reign over the Shadowlands, and finally face a threat shrouded in darkness, eager to annihilate the entire cosmos.

Champions of the Horde and Alliance have answered the call to investigate the kidnapping of their leaders and the mysterious reappearance of enemies who were thought to have long died in the Icecrown. Now, however, the return of the undead threatens the citizens of the capitals of Azeroth. The next phase of the Scourge invasion is available and will continue until the official release of Shadowlands next week, November 24th.

Additionally, to celebrate the upcoming release of Shadowlands, we’ve released a new cinematic that will give players a taste of what awaits them in the realms of the afterlife when the expansion releases!

Below you will find the video dedicated to the kidnapping and the brand new launch movie, Beyond the Veil.