Once more, and as it comes being usual in this house, I inform you of the best way to get a few Turkeys extra for Fortnite to complete a series of daily quests available in the way to Save the World from the highly successful title from Epic Games.

As we always do before start to explain the details of the special missions available during the day today, I recommend you clear the daily quests available in the way to Save the World, because it usually is the easiest way to get between 50 and 100 turkeys every day.

Get 90 Turkeys for Fortnite because of the way to Save the World

Unfortunately for many of us, the mission of today will be especially difficult and not everyone will be able to access it, will take place at Summits Woody, last zone to be unlocked in the campaign mode of Fortnite. But rest assured, because if you have not yet reached Summits Woody, you will be able to complete this mission since the departure of a friend that if you unlock.

The mission of today will consist of Repair the Shelter in the City, in the area of Summits Woody. This mission is especially difficult, so I recommend having reached a base level of at least 116.

The rewards you will obtain when you overcome the mission will be worth the effort, in addition to gold the seasonal, experience points and other rewards, we will a well-deserved 40 Turkeys.