Less than a week ago, we published an article with the intention of Riot Games penalize more the dodge in League of Legends (LoL). The goal of the developer was to prevent the players to leave the selection of champion punish more severely those who avoided playing with X person on the grounds that they were.

However, finally have been pushed back. The community has made it clear to Riot that there are more important things to focus on.

Riot finally recognizes that it must address more serious problems than the dodge LoL

Through three tweets, Mark Yetterthe Lead Gameplay Designer of the game has announced that the changes that were to be performed by the system of penalty dodgeo they are not going to apply.

According to Yetter, have “heard the community” and believe that should deal with more important issues before. It does, however, have commented that Riot has discovered a small bug in the time of dodgeo. The solution we apply will allow the system to scale adequately for the penalty to those that use this system constantly.

Yetter has also commented that the company will continue to be transparent when you want to apply X changesso that the community can keep saying your opinion, that Riot is still keeping very much in mind.

Any way, this announcement is good news for the community, which had not welcomed this measure (except the higher ranks of SoloQ).

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