One of the greatest desires of the League of Legends community is able to play portable, the title of Riot Games, and is something that will become a reality when you leave Wild Rift.

Adaptation to mobile of League of Legends is still in development and we do not know the official date of your departure, but we know what graphics engine will be.

Unity 3D announced yesterday that they are working together to Riot Games with their graphics enginesomething that makes with a multitude of companies like Blizzard or Square Enix.

Legends of Runeterra will also have this graphic engine in mobile, and in this article, we will tell you if you’ll be able to enjoy this title and League of Legends: Wild Rift on your mobile.

Unity ensures optimization, performance and good graphics

Despite the fact that Unity can’t do wonders on all mobile devices, yes that is known to be a graphic engine that allows you to make functional the majority of games on the small screens.

In fact, digging a little in the section of mobile the official website of Unity, you can see several features that allow this to be possible.

Creation of mapping in 2D, some of the functions of Unity

In the section on graphics performance, Unity says that the rendering of its platform provides total flexibility to optimize the graphics, both in high-end mobile as on smaller devices

But, then, what may your mobile phone to pull League of Legends: Wild Rift? the answer is a unknownand we don’t want you to cheat, but what is more certain is that yes you can.

Poster League of Legends: Wild Rift

Unity is a graphic engine that is adapted for mobile devices, in addition to allowing ease of conversion of ports from PC to consoles, for example.

Therefore, surely you can play Wild Rift with your mobilebut beware, this is not something neither confirmed nor is there any official information, are the assumptions our. If you have a mobile phone of 2010, the same boots, but you don’t have the FPS desired.

That said, as soon as you have information of minimum requirements, inform you about this, but keep in mind that the longevity of the cell or the capacity of available space may alter these requirements.