It began as a choice almost considered as a ”troll”, and now there are several champions that abuse it. The evolution that has taken the Omnistone as rune key throughout this season is at least surprising.

Riot Games is tired of the abuse that certain players did with the Kleptomancy, rune to the one that replaced the Omnistone. The ability of abuse in certain matchups, and remain with advantage in spite of dying several times to be making gold constantly being cut off from the root.

In this case, the idea of getting a rune key way random not catch on in the community. Characters who had the Kleptomancy as holy and a sign found shelter in other: Jayce with Phase Rush or Fleet Footwork, Ezreal with Lethal Tempo, or Conqueror, etc

Changes to the cd and to control the roulette

But everything changed with two buffs key: the 10.1 in which reduced the cd of change between runas (5-3s-for melees, 9-7s for ranges), and especially of the 9.24 before the current season. In this patch, Omnistone became a rune more ”smart”, adapting better at the time of the champion to the portal and to your need depending on the matchup. So, got a rune more appropriate according to what is happening in game.

In this way, it is easier to ”control” the roulette which involves the Omnistone, allowing you to adapt much better to the situation. For example, it is more likely that you will quit Dark Harvest if the matchup line is low on life and you can remove a stack of harvest; on the other hand, it is more likely that you will quit Hail of blades when you’re near someone with little life and you’re buildeando attack speed or damage level.

Champions who abuse the Omnistone

Right now, there are 3 champions that stand out a lot with this rune. The first is Twisted Fateprobably the best with it. With his last buffos both ad as ap, is perfectly suited to the rune that comes in: take advantage of almost all offensive, and adapts his style of play. As examples: you can abuse the Predator to pursue with the cards, with a Hail of blades and the red letter can get you out of the exchange early, with Comet Arcane clean almost a wave of minions hechizeros with the red letter, etc

The other two that work best are Sett and Bard. The first you can take advantage of your great early and its ability to absorb pressure to be profitable with almost any rune offensive you can get out, especially offensive to help you get to melee the opponent as Predator or Aftershock.

Bardfor its part , works in a similar way, but by abuse of range. Almost all of the runes that give you attack speed or burst and make him win the majority of exchanges at low levels: Press the attack, Lethal Tempo, or Electrocute if you have stackeadas several brands of the passive.

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