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From 2017, Fortnite Battle Royale (game created by Epic Games with mode of combat between multiple players) came on the market to imposing records in all fields: users, audience, tournaments, money. It took over two years to see one that will compete on par with a form similar to: Call of Duty: Warzone. Now, both are preparing to launch their new seasons in the same month, with the goal of topping completely.

Fortnite, in its first two weeks of release, it racked up 10 million users and by march 2018, the number rose to 45 million. The feature cross-platform that was implemented with the time allowed it to attract users of all kinds: someone from PC could play with someone of PlayStation and your time with someone that is connected from your Nintendo Switch and, even, with one who elects to play from your cell phone. He ended up with those restrictions before imposed and served.

What is a Battle Royale?It is a combat between multiple players.

His reception was such that I didn’t even need to pay for advertising, in quotation marks, because stars at the global level did make him see his followers who were fans of the game. Drake, canadian singer, was one of the first to enjoy it along with streamers recognized. Antoine Griezmann, French striker celebrated his goals in the World cup of Russia 2018 with one of the characteristic dances of the video game.


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The fever global that occurred led to Epic Games to organize their first world cup in 2019. About 2’334.826 viewers were simultaneously connected to one of the multiple broadcasts of the event and gave $ 30 million in prizes.

The way of Fortnite towards the top was never interrupted, even in February, 2019, when it came out Apex Legends (game mode is similar but with a futuristic feel). However, the situation changed since march of this year, when Call of Duty you decide to venture with Warzonefirst Battle Royale created by your brand that faced simultaneously with 150 players.

Call of Duty: Warzone is not needed to do much, to two months of its release it had already registered 60 million users and the numbers of Twitch (digital platform that offers streaming of live video, in your most of video games, 24 hours a day, all year) supporting her success.

According to TwitchMetrics, Call of Duty: Warzone takes the fifth place as the video game most viewed June, with an average of 76’199.381 of hours invested by their viewers. In addition, it maintains an average of 105.224 viewers in real-time and 429 channels broadcasting live the video game.

Premiere new seasons:Fortnite postponed the premiere of its season 3 for the 17th of June, while Call of Duty: Warzone what will make this June 11.

With more than two years old, Fortnite is placed third in the ranking with 99’297.814 hours views in June, 137.120 of spectators-average and 701 channel average broadcasting live. And though not exceed it in numbers, professionals who before did not get out of your platform now, or remind us that the game exists and is moved entirely to Call of Duty: Nickmercs, Cloakzy, Symfuhny, DrDisrespect, among others.


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What happens with Fortnite?

In addition to the constant problems with the servers at the time of play in various regions of the world, the bugs in the constructions (key in this game), and the faults of the matchmaking system (present in the majority of multiplayer games that try to stand up to players or teams of a-level or similar skill, analyzing your statistics of previous games to establish the range of each one) when you start a game, several gamers they argue that “we have lost the fun”.

SypherPK, professional player, argues that Fortnite has become competitive in areas that do not should be, why many content creators have been away from the game because “there’s nothing fun to share”.

“I don’t know that is happening, I hate to be negative. I don’t consider myself a player competitive as the rest, but I remember what fun it was to play in the qualifiers to the world. I didn’t go, I was very close, but it was fun. I had a lesson to learn each week and something to improve. Now each death (in the game) it feels so false and misleading,” details SypherPK a fragment of the video below.

After the pause for the pandemic of the coronavirus and the protests against racism in the united States, Fortnite as Call of Duty are ready to launch their new seasons, this 17 and June 11, respectively. Who will claim the crown?

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