It is likely that you have heard the name of Kim “Canna” Chang-dong, and if you are not big fans of LCK may be that you have no idea who. But do not suffer, not worry, that is why we are us.

Canna is the current top laner of T1 (which was SKT Telecom1) and before this role he had not had any kind of previous experience. With only nineteen years of age he entered as a trainee in T1 and eight months after he was debuting in the KeSPA with the main computer.

Although its performance was not the best in the world, during the games could start to catch a glimpse of the talent of the player.

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But how did Canna substitute player main?

At the beginning of the split spring of 2020, it was announced that Canna would be as an understudy of Roach. Gradually began to appear in games, and always asking their peers about it all coincided in saying that he was a player with great talent but with little experience.

Teddy even went on to say of Canna in a interview that he had “large mechanical” and if she was to learn more macro end becoming “a top incredible.

With these words not to was surprised to see the player with the most frequency in the games. Acquired so much importance that it ended up playing a large part of the split as the top laner primary, computer. In addition, in the second round of the play-offs it took him several MVP and it was part of the victory of T1 against GenG in the grand final.

Over, thanks to that victory he won the title of Royal Road Tires that we only have players who have won the title in your split as rookie. Do we need to remember that he has only twenty years?

A promising future

All this has done to compare with big names of the competition of LoL as they are Impact or Duke. Although he has always made it clear that it is an honor to receive such comments, it has always expressed its admiration for Khan.

On the other hand, one of the aspects that have more prominent team-mates is the ability to have Canna of to adapt to the style of game. In soloQ it is usual to see him playing in a very aggressive, but in competition conforms to what the team asks.

Stay well with its name because of the face at the split summer T1 has made it clear that Canna it will be the top main and surely give much to talk about. And let’s be honest, surely we will see him in the Worlds.