A new batch of skins Pulse of Fire (Pulsefire) came to the servers League of Legends. To celebrate, Riot Games performs another event one month duration, for the and the fans of the game to earn exclusive rewards.

The event focuses on the online aspects of Pulse Fire and you will have missions and tokens of event, as it happened in previous events. You can exchange tokens for items exclusive to the event, such as icons, gestures, and cromas, in the tab Craft Hextech of LoL.

At the beginning of the event, you’ll be able to unlock cromas exclusive to the event to aspects of Pulse Fire new and old. However, as you progress through the event, the cromas for the most recent beneficiaries of skins Astronaut LoL, Bard, Gnar and Poppyalso have cromas exclusive available in the event shop.

All players will be able to get tokens for the event by completing a set of missions for free. But to make the most of the event, you can buy the Pass of a Pulse of Fire to 1,650 RP. The pass comes with 200 tokens Pulse of Fire, and four orbs Pulse of Fire. It also automatically unlocks a set of missions, milestones, and additional tokens. You will find the complete list of missions here.

When the event starts Pulse of Fire?

The event Pulse of Fire starts today, may 14 to 15, hours central U.S., according to the support page Riot. The event ends on the 15th of June, which means that you will not be able to complete the missions after that date. However, you can keep spending tokens of the event until the 30th of June, the date on which it will expire.

This article was originally published in English by Rachel Samples on may 13, 2020.