One of the game modes most popular League of Legends, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF), will return briefly to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Riot Games.

Versions similar to URF have appeared and disappeared over the last few years. Riot tried to balance a game mode that gives the champions an 80% reduction of cooldown and removes mana cost and energy for skills. The statistics show, however, that the players ate playing URF, so the developers have decided to put it back exclusively.

When does URF?

Unfortunately for many fans of URF, everything good ends. The favorite game mode comes out today, but will only be active during eproximadamente 11 days.

URF will be available until November 8, according to the support page of Riot.

Why the return of URF lasts so little?

Despite the fact that the fans are clamoring that URF will add permanently to the Crack, Riot is reviving the game mode as an “experiment”, and as an exclusive event.

“We have been transparent in the past admitting that URF has detrimental effects on the players long-term – causes it to consume quickly and stop playing the LOL,” said Riot in the Dev Corner. “If this happens again, even with the changes, we will have no option, and we will keep URF as an occasional event.”

Although URF cause all the world to play anything more out, the amount of players in the Crack itself that low more than ever, according to Riot. Developers to experiment with different ways of balancing the game mode, but the amount of players that play the MOBA is multiplied by two when it dies URF.

So to protect the player base and keep the figures, Riot is reluctant to make URF a game mode permanent.

What will be different this URF?

To avoid that players will “consume” in URF, Riot has made some changes to the game mode before you launch it.

Players will now be able to ban champions too loud in champ select. Riot has also made a full balance of every one of the champions in the game for URF and has improved the process hotfix for Riot to step in quickly if the players are abusing a champion specific.

Certain elements used in Summoner’s Rift will also be included in URF, as the plates of the turrets. In addition, the elder dragon has nerfeado to let some champions that excel in the late.

This article has been originally published in English by Andreas Stavropoulos on the 29th of October 2019.