The debate over why the LCK already don’t dominate as before it is something that takes in the air a time. The comentaristas of the LPL have ventured to talk about it, and about whether the LCK would continue to dominate if didn’t have as much brain drain to other regions.

LPL receives a great part of the talent Korean

It is well known that there are still many koreans spread over the four regions majoritybeing the LPL the more players in Korean imports it has: a total of 21 players, not counting the koreans in the technical staff of the teams.

List of players koreans in the leagues of the mainstream / Capture video source
List of players koreans in the leagues of the mainstream / Capture video source

With this, one of the commentators says that there are great teams without koreansthat does not need to thrive, as is the case of G2 Esports or Fnaticthey came to the the end of the World without the need of import. However, another commentator replied that, in the end, both they ended up losing against teams with koreans and fairly settled.

Then, why the koreans are going the LPL? Apart from to be able to thrive, keep in mind that in the LPL there is a high demand since there are many more teams than in the rest of regions. In addition, there are more capital than in the LCK and the competition is growing both in infrastructure and in talent indigenous –we are seeing large chinese players grow– so that the players feel more attracted to play in the LPL.

Exodus Korean and change in the meta

During the great exodus Koreanmany chose the LPL as your new home; and many ended up thrivingas was the case of Deft or PawN or Mysticand now we have to Rookie, TheShy or DoinB. All of them are talent top Korean considered of the best in the LPL and we may venture to say that Korean players were great help when developing the LPLsomething that is according to one of the commentators.

So, answering the question of whether the LCK would be the stronger league if they don’t out the talent, the answer is yes. There are many players koreans around the world and always end up highlighting in international competitions and in regional leagues.

Over the years, Korean players have been leaving the region and, therefore, the LCK has been losing bellows. However, we must also take into account that the goal changedsomething that ended up favoring the style already characteristic of the LPL.

With the arrival of the franchises to LCK and the arrival of more capitalperhaps let’s see changes and the back of a large part of those players that had to leave their home in the past.

Source: Highlights of LPL Talk Show: Would LCK be the strongest if there is no brain drain? [Englishsubtitlesof[Subtítulosalinglésde @ritayf1 and Spanish @LiuKGV02]

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