If you just started to play League of Legends, you will touch to learn a GOOD handful of the concepts. Beginners of League of Legends have it complicated, and the in-game tutorial doesn’t help. In this article, we bring to you some guides that I will come to improve.

Novice League of Legends: have a look at these articles

First thing’s first: the article with 20 tips basics of Yuste. Once you have read it, you will play your first games, and you’ll want to test the different positions of the game. On the web, you will find articles that will give you the guidelines to play the toplanethe jungle and as ADC.

There are more of a guide to the role of support: tips according to your elothe types of support there are and tips several on the role and mentality. We also have guides for the jungle: pathings initial to the jungle and apply pressure to the jungle enemy.

Then, we have guides to more generaluseful for almost all the roles: one with points of view in the mapanother for learn how to farmear when you are beginning and a something more advanced learn to control the waves.

guide control waves lol

In the web Esportmaniacos you have a couple of guides to improve your farmeo and control of waves

You will find guides of various characters in the guidelines section of the websitealthough there are also a lot of useful information on other websites. In this thread from Reddit you will find a wealth of information that can come in handy to new players. In op.ggyou can take a look at the builds and games of other players.

If you want to learn how to play properly with the mouse cursor, have a look at this video. Finally, and when they bring back a time playing, it would be good echarais a look at the notes of the last patchto keep abreast of the changes and what is strong. We tend to publish the notes as soon as they are available in the section LoL of the webso stay tuned.

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