Ciudad Juárez— After a long wait, finally Sony unveiled the design of its new console in the ninth generation, where the prevailing white color and the minimalist design that divided opinions in social networks.

In a transmission pre-recorded, the japanese company showed off a dozen of games in development for the PlayStation 5, such as “Gran Turismo 7” and “Resident Evil VIII”, as well as the sequels “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and “Horizon: Forbidden West”. However, he did not give many details about the benefits and costs of the console. Here, what we know so far:

Benefits revealed

Obviously, apart from the improved graphics, the new console will have a hard disk custom that will dramatically reduce load times. Something that will lead to a better immersion in the games without a doubt.

Also Sony highlighted the audio-3D player Blue-ray 4K, and, what was the biggest surprise of the evening, a digital version that dispenses completely of a disc player. Something that already comes ensuring it will be the new trend of the consoles in the future, offer its catalogue only in digital, a Netflix of video games.

What do you expect gamers that the PS5 upgrade to its predecessor?

The first point in the match the players is in a ventilation system is less noisy. The PS4 sounds like a jet engine, especially in the early morning hours when everything is silent, causing great inconvenience to the players at night. It is hoped that this new console to greatly improve the silence of your ventilation system with a hardware that will not overheat so much.

The second point is the backwards compatibility. Something that Microsoft has surpassed Sony to significantly. Some of you may remember that the PS3, in your first design, it was backwards compatible with the games of PS2 and PS1, something that raised its price dramatically, causing the low sales of the same at the beginning of the generation. Reason why Sony pulled out a slim version of the PS3 without the damn backwards compatibility. However, it is expected that further technology will make this service available again without the need to raise both the cost of the console.

Another point is the support for online games with cross-play. Sony remained reluctant to open up their servers so that their players could interact with players from other platforms. It would be expected that the company nippon yield to this new modality is that such expectation garnered in the past generation of consoles after the global success of games Battle Royale as Fortnite.

We just have to wait to the end of the year to learn more about this powerful PlayStation 5, and save, save a lot, because it will not be cheap.

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