Many players Valorantthe tactical shooter of Riot Games, enjoy greatly your facet more competitive. In the beta, we have already been able to try out the ranked games, but dowhat will happen with the rankeds of Valorant when it is released officially?

The range of the rankeds of Valorant will restart with the launch

In the post oficial Riot Games not account for much in this respect, although in a compilation of statements of Riot on Reddit yes you say, more data. The first (and most important): the ranked games are NOT going to be available with the release of the game.

The reason for this decision is simple: in the beta were not available from launch, and is expected to reach more players with the official launch of the game. Therefore, arrive to the game a few weeks after its launch.

However, and although it will not be available, since the developer does not want a repeat of the initial stage of the beta, in which players with skills different emparejaban without rhyme or reason. Therefore, it will be used (partial or complete) the MMR unclassified to separate players by ability.

cover patch 0.50 valorant

To clarify, the MMR unclassified is normal gamea MMR is different to that achieved in ranked games. Finally, and as already warned, it will reset ALL the progress, that also includes your range competitive.

The only thing that will be respected in the beta are the rewards of the same. Taking into account everything mentioned in this article, we should have the qualifying, as very soon, around day 16-17 of the month of June, so while both will play to unlock the characters in games normal.

Remember that with the release of the game will arrive a new agent and a new map, as we told you in the web.

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