Not yet, we get used to the seasons in Chapter 2 of Fortnite are so long. The second should have finished in April, but was extended for an additional month until 4 June. That date, however, neither are going to meet.

The company of Tim Sweeney just announced the Season 3 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite is delayed again, although this time it will not be for a long time. Only one more week, so that on the 11th of June we should already have here the new features of this next stage, which is in the fall.

This means that it also slows down the event that was to take place the day after tomorrow. You know, that when you pointed out the countdown of the game. This will be held finally on Saturday, 6 June at 20:00 hours Spanish peninsular, so marcadlo in the calendar to not perdéroslo. It’s called The Device, by the way. Epic has revealed his name for the first time today.

The new season it is making you beg for more of the accountbut we hope that at least come well nourished, and with news of weight in comparison to the previous.

Last month, the complaints about the game were made to hear through the hashtag #RipFortnite. However, other users used #ThankYouFortnite to defend the Battle Royale despite recent events. I have everything here.

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