The Covid-19 has prevented that played the first big international tournament of League of Legends: the MSI. While the LCK and LPL will play the MID Season Cupin Europe we will have the Streamathona tournament against professional players and important figures of the community LoL. We will tell you who are the representatives of Spain to the EU Face-Off.

In general, it seems that the objective has been clear: tryhardear.

These are the representatives of Spain in the EU Face-Off

By LVP, we have to Mushrooms, Noa and Skain three of the sides most well-known of the casteo in Spanish. The fourth member of LVP is Extorsus, observer and camera operator of the SLO. I also couldn’t miss the appointment Ibaithe last representative that he hasn’t been active in a professional team LoL.

The jungle of Misfits, Razorkit has been one of the elect, along with his former team-mate at Vodafone Giants, Th3Antonio. The handle of the MAD Lions, Flakked, is the last member of the team.

The coaches of the national team will be Future and Jandrothe same that we had in the match Spain against Portugal. As for the casters, will be Wolk and Teshrakalso of LVP.

Remember that the Face-Off will be played on 30th and 31st of this month of may. The May 30 will begin at 16:00 (Spanish time), and will end at 22:00. 31 they will play the final phase, which it will start at 19:00 and will end at 23:00.

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