As many of you will know, Fortnite you will receive tomorrow a new update that will introduce the version 13.40 and with it lots of exciting changes to the community.

Epic Games has finally revealed the patch notes, and leave you with some of the changes concerning Nintendo Switch below:

  • Multiple vehicles
    • Add several cars and trucks to the game
  • It has temporarily disabled the Water Balloon Toy.
  • Slow speed of the glider after re-deployed in certain situations: We are investigating an issue in which players can move more slowly after using again the glider in certain situations.
  • The XP bar can be visually incorrect for a game: We are aware of a problem that can sometimes occur due to the fact that the experience bar is displayed incorrectly in a game. This can make players appear to be level up during the game, even if they did not. In these cases, see the experience bar in the lobby to have a more accurate idea.
  • The Bottle of water of the Ocean cannot be picked up while charging if another player leaves fall: it Is possible for the players not to pick up the Bottle of water from the Ocean while it is charging if another player dropped it. In this situation, you will receive the message “oh, the Backpack full!” even if you have space in the inventory.

Design tool HUD v2

  • We are investigating an issue in which the Reset button edition is not available in the toolbox of mobile design of the Hud. The Reset button issue is also not displayed correctly in combat while playing the game.
  • The feed removal may not appear in the HUD: We are investigating an issue that may cause the feed of elimination of players during the game does not appear.
  • Lock console when you change the name of a device: When you play in console, change the name of a device will cause the game to crash

You can find the full patch notes in this link.


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