One of the tournaments most played and expected the last few weeks have been the FNCS distributed throughout the world. This championship has brought together the best players of each region for compete for more than $ 2 million distributed all over the world.

It is, without doubt, a prize gourmand for those players most skilled and talented of Fortnite and Epic Games has not tolerated any kind of rigging or cheating in the FNCS.

If not, tell that to “Code Iceman“considered one of the best player of Fortnite of Japan and Asia in general. The japanese took the FNCS of Asia, but was removed hours later after checking that I had done teaming.

Apparently, he had played in premade with another player left to kill and they also gave hygiene kits and helped him while they were in Discord, something totally forbidden in the tournament.

Code Iceman was banned hours after for this reasonand Epic Games took the prize of the FNCS in addition to suspend for 2 weeks without being able to play Fortnite.

Qjac, another of the best players in Fortnite from the asian continent, was first in place, taking home the prize of$15,000 after the ban of Code Iceman.