Finally we have the 32 participants of the new edition of the SoloQ Challenge organized by Elmiillor on Twitch. 32 personalities of the League of Legends Spanish that will be fought in a tournament to see who gets to go farther on the ladder of SoloQ in EUW.

We have expensive very recognized, and repeated the previous edition. We also have new faces, among which we find pro-gamers, streamers, and content creators in general are going to give us a month of competition for who gets the prize.

The participants of the SoloQ Challenge 2020

Of course, familiar faces from the previous edition have not wanted to miss the appointment. Streamers as Electrokidi, Frizco, or Shiro already passed through this tournament and will be in the game. Obviously, the driver of SoloQ Challenge, Elmiillor, it’s not going to miss.

soloq challenge elmillor

Participants SoloQ Challenge 2020 Elmiillor | Source: Twitter (@Elmiillor)

Among the new faces, we have professional players or semi-pros who have wished to join the initiative. Players like Flakked, Attila, Send0o or CarritosKami join the cause, and surely will be participants not to lose sight of. Well it is known the ability of any of them by having lots of points on the ladder.

The rules of the challenge

In order to avoid certain problems and to ensure fair play, the tournament features a number of standards. All stem from the same basis, therefore Riot Games is who is going to deal the accounts of the participants, with an MMR equal.

soloq challenge elmillor

Rules of SoloQ Challenger 2020 Elmillor | Source: Twitter (@Elmiillor)

Among the rest of the standards, highlights the fact that is has to be all in stream (cam and microphone included) for the entire tournament is displayed. Is set to a delay maximum of 20 seconds in the relay, and the prohibition of the sniping or the wintrading.

Any type of ban for part of the game, or change the name of the account to hinder their trackeo will mean disqualification for the participant. In addition, you must have activated the option to save games, so that these can be used for content.

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