“Often the game”. “This is going to revolutionize the battle royale”. “They’ve taken the genre a step further”. “Sure that Epic Games is entering the fear”. Are you able to tell me on which game we’re talking just with these statements?

Since it depends on the moment in which you read these lines, and your tastes will surely say one name or another. This type of expressions were quite usual when it was the launch of Apex Legendsa battle royale which surprised the whole world by the fleeting nature of his presentation and the interesting developments that I had.

But those same sentences, perhaps something more understated, were used at the time in the Warzone started to take traction among the public at large. I, myself, have let myself be seduced, and I’m still quite engaging, for both titles.

In both cases there were several common denominators. The main thing is that the number one enemy was Fortnite and looked like a boss end impossible to beat. This is something quite common considering that the title of Epic Games takes you to dominate too long the scene, at least as to number of players and spectators is concerned.

The point in common is that they seemed to have the weapon needed to end the ‘tyranny’ of the king and occupy the throne with an air of cool and different. In Apex Legends was the topic of mobility, the scenarios are so broad and the skills of the characters.

For Warzone is to have a brand like Call of Duty behind, the Gulag, the delivery of weaponry and be a shooter recognized all over the world and with many years of experience.

And the last point in common is that when you enter to fight, or if you want to be presented. Both had the chance to strike a blow on the table and make to tremble the ground of Fortnite as if it were a meteorite, but decided to retire before fighting.

Both games launched their season in dates next to the title of Epic Gamesin the case of Apex Legends was the second and in Warzone the fourth, and both were left in a I want to and I can’t. We must make it clear that the title of Respawn has a mass of players very good and still very interesting, but it has been relegated to a rung below, at least as that influence is concerned.

Warzone it seemed that he had learned from the mistakes of other games and that I was going to look face-to-face in the eyes of the giant. YOU ARE CALL OF DUTY, YOU CAN’T ACHANTAR. But achantó. It is true that season 4 has new and interesting things, but very far from what was expected of them.

In the plane, communicative, the whole community expected videos, images to raise hype and some surprise in social networks. We have had a tweet that was so short-that yes you were going fast for the timeline you passed them long (I speak from experience).

With respect to changes in the battle royale, as such, have warmed the atmosphere with bunkers, secrets, wolves, the dam burst, zombies… That amount of theories and winks have gotten in the past few months… The reality is that we have had a new contract and three ‘minieventos live’ that does not change absolutely nothing to the game.

Perhaps I may be very demanding, perhaps Fortnite has us spoiled, but when I arrive on the 15th and Epic Games return to leave everyone with the mouth open with an event so brutal, I do not be another remedy to look at the Warzone and say: “You could also have made me happy.”

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