Video games are a very special medium and not always easy to frame. Despite being relatively young, he has already experienced several crises and several changes driven by constantly evolving technology and by an industry that over the years has transformed into a giant that now surpasses all colleagues in the entertainment universe.

Being able to photograph 50 years of video games both historically and economically might seem an almost overwhelming undertaking but in this sense there are those who have done a truly excellent job giving life to an infographic that is a small masterpiece. I therefore applaud Visual Capitalist for this enterprise that you can see below and obviously deepen with the link at the bottom.

The infographic imagines the gaming industry as a sort of wave that, based on revenues, is expanding more and more until it reaches the giant it is currently. A wave formed by different currents, more or less important and more or less young.

This is how the arcade dominance is flanked and then replaced almost entirely by consoles, PCs, portable consoles up to the flanking and increasing importance of mobile and the arrival of those that for now remain only niches such as the VR or the cloud.

The final part of the wave then gives us a really interesting overview of an industry in which mobile currently alone constitutes more revenues than consoles and PCs combined. An industry that now generates revenues of $ 165 billion and that in this work of Visual Capitalist takes shape showing us the union of historical events and money, of growth and crisis.