Gamers, in the common imagination, are not usually seen as athletic or particularly fit people: sure, it is a stereotype, but it is undeniable that many hours on the sofa or on a gaming chair, however comfortable, can cause some problems, especially if you assume an incorrect pose.

The Japanese firm Bauhutte, which specialized in high-profile gaming accessories, comes to the aid of gamers (at least the Japanese ones). On their website, you will find everything: from USB cables to gloves, up to the gaming bed (!!) equipped with all the comforts.

Not tame to have given (so to speak!) To the gaming world, a tide of specific accessories for export and leisure, Bauhutte in fact has entered into an agreement with a Hyogo chiropractic clinic to activate specific sessions dedicated to gamers, with lots of names that closely resemble the terms from FPS. The “Headshot” seat, for example, is dedicated to the shoulders, while “Aim” is for those who suffer from stress from mouse to wrist and hands.

There is a further peculiarity that distinguishes these chairs from the standard ones: an original Bauhutte gadget is combined with each price threshold: by spending 50,000 yen (just under 400 euros) you will receive the most unique one: the “pajama” from gaming.