Valorant presented, through their social networks, to Phoenixthe first character that will come to the brand-new title developed by Riot Games. In the video you can observe the agent moving on the map and using their special abilities. His arrival will serve to continue increasing the expectations that are forming around the title, which generated a lot of debate, as some posit it as the title that will look to take the lead role to CS:GO and Overwatch in the field of the FPS competitive.

Since its announcement, which was just a few days ago, Valorant is making a lot of noise. The title created by the developers of League of Legends will PC at mid-year, enough time to continue to build expectations in the public, which considers it a contender to replace CS:GO.

In this context, the game is presented via your social networks to Phoenixthe first character that comes to the catalogue of this new universe. It is a british agent that occurs in the advancement, saying, “do you Want to play? Let’s play then”.

This short gameplay shows the character moving in the map and using different types of weapons. However, the most relevant thing goes for his special ability, a ball of fire generated through a simple click. This will be one of the strong points of each character, since the interference of these skills seems to be a key factor in the games, something similar to what happens in Overwatch.

With the game already in the mouth of all, it is very likely that Riot Games continue presenting the characters that will be part of this ambitious title. For its part, expected the company to do an open beta in the coming weeks, something that was denied, since they indicated this will happen once the end of the process of work in which you are currently located.

Riot Games seeks to go beyond the universe of LoL, to expand its audience and breadth of market. For this, they will come Valorant, your new shooter free which has as a premise the games of 5 vs 5 for the best of 24 rounds. Of these, 12 will be in the role of attack, and the remaining, in the defense, something that could give a good dynamic to the game. The goal of the title passes to detonate a bomb in any part of the map or turn it off, if it is to be the defense team.

To generate items more fluid, there will be no limitations in the use of weapons and have no restriction of use per character. It should be noted that each of these have special abilities, something that without a doubt remember to Overwatch, the video game Blizzardthat will be one of its biggest competitors of the market. However, these powers will not be fatal and will have the objective to create strategic situations, thus giving them more prominence and hierarchy to the weapons.

The company points to that the game is to succeed in becoming one of esports most important of the year, so that it is developing an effective system anti-cheat. An example is the introduction of the fog of war, a function that hides the locations in which there are the players up to the time prior to entering the field of vision of the enemy. This prevents the use of wallhacks, while the architecture of the title avoids the use of mods that can change functionality of the title.

There is No doubt that Valorant it will be one of the shooters most anticipated of the year, because with the support of Riot Games behind you can expect something of very good quality. However, this is not the only movement in the market, that will make the developer during the next few months, as also expected League of Legends: Wild Rift, Project F and Project Lthese last two also inspired in the universe of LOL.