The news generated excitement in the world gamer since Valorant, one of the most popular video games of 2020, comes to Latin america. From Tuesday 5 may be able to enter and know the maps designed for the mode of first-person shooter that promises to be the new international sensation for eSports.

The participation will not be simple as that Valorant, created by the company Riot Games, is still in its beta stage closed. This means that not any user can come but must be invited to do so. The method will be the same as that used in Europe and consists of associating the account that you have with the company to the platform streaming Twitch. Once you have done that procedure, there is look at the streamers that do videos in live and wait for one of them to send the invitation.

Valorant video game

For this, during the last few days was allowed access to influencers and gamers recognized in the region for conducting streams and encourage users to join in. “Agents of Latin america, we got this news a few minutes ago and we can’t wait to share it with you: Both the server LAN as that of THE open Beta on the 5th of may. We are deeply grateful to the technical team for making this possible”, stated from the accounts of the company.

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The mode of Valorant what makes a great product for the eSports. The confrontation is between two teams of five players. In addition to looking to eliminate the competition, the aim of the meetings is to place a device called a Spike in a specific area of the map. Once this is done, the opposing team has to turn it off before the 45 seconds or finish the game.

Valorant video game

In the countries where it has already allowed access during the last weeks we managed to record streams equaling, and even surpassing, trademark Fortnite and League of Legends. In addition, Riot Games has already started to give cash to those who play. Without going further offered rewards ranging from 25 to 100 thousand dollars for those that are able to identify and eliminate hackers who enter with the goal to deceive the system to win victories and rewards without playing.