It is called ‘Valorant’ and is one of the titles with the most growth potential, then get to know the figures of your pre-release, made in April, in the midst of the pandemic. This is a action game type shooter tactical and with supernatural powers, free.

In the game you make up two teams: an attacker and a defender, of five members each. In this program, players assume the control of characters they come from many countries and cultures and bind to one of the two teams. The attack and defense successful objectives and the elimination of the opposing team allow you to get points.

After 12 rounds, the attacking team switches to defender and vice versa. The first team to win 24 rounds wins the game.

‘Valorant’ was developed for the PC by the company Riot Games. The video game was available for testing on the platform Twitch Amazon, from 1 April to 28 may. The first day recorded 1.7 million viewers. This is the second record of the platformonly surpassed by the end of the world ‘League of Legends’ from 2019.

For weeks, ‘Valorant’ caught the attention of around 700 000 viewers in live. The player Nixon Torres says that there was a lot of expectation for this game between the ‘gamers’, and that this tends to happen, especially when it appears a ‘shooter’ tactical-like ‘Valorant’. He remembers that the same happened years ago with ‘Counter Strike’.

The director of development of the new title, Joe Ziegler, recognizes that ‘Valorant’ is a hybrid of other popular games.

Torres says that the most exciting part of this program is to practice the aim, and skills as concentration and quicklyalso that each player can choose your character, learn how to use it and know its powers.

The game chose the aesthetics cartoon’ to attract a wider audience. Critics, such as the european publication Kaquka, agrees that ‘Valorant’ awaits a successful future. The magazine predicts that the game will become a Tier 1, that is to say, it will be at the level of ‘Fortnite’, ‘League of Legends’ and ‘Counter Strike’. These three games are the top of e-sports; titles with millions of players and long trajectories.

‘Fortnite’ has 350 million registered players, ‘League of Legends’ has more than 100 million ‘gamers’, of which 27 million are connected on a daily basis. ‘Counter Strike’ is quite similar: it has peaks of more than a million users.

Riot Games shut down their test servers on the 28th of may and did the 2 of June the official launch of ‘Valorant’. Yes, the game has been criticized for its software antihackeo Vanguardsince it was revealed that this allows the system access to people outside of this digital environment.

While both the ‘gamer’ Jaime Casares says that the game is very competitivebut the key to understand it are not as complex if it gets attention from the first games. He also points out that it is a game more casual.

Expresses, in addition, that the players professionals they are already forming teams, and recruiting players from various parts of the world. He says that in ‘Valorant’ everything is moving.

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