The fever of VALORANT seems to have deflated after the official launch of the game. The new shooter Riot Games takes a little more than a week in the market, and the numbers are not all that bad.

According to Sullygnomein the last week have been viewed almost 15 million hours of VALORANT, and have been issued more than 1 million hours in streamingalthough it is necessary to qualify:

  • Of the top 10 games most viewed in the last week, is the 3rd most hours have been issued on Twitch (behind Fortnite and Warzone.
  • It is the 2nd game with less peak viewers (only surpasses Dota 2) with 231.181.
  • It is the 2nd game that most streamers has in the last week: 160.413 people, only behind Fortnite (295.594)

With these data, we can interpret that VALORANT is still a great game to stremearbut the audiences have been eroding and, for the moment, prefer to watch other games.

There are still qualifiers and tournaments, official

Keep in mind that VALORANT still qualifying after the official launch, and we all know that this gives a lot of pull for the ‘chop’ in the ladder and the excitement of playing games with a score on a ranking.

In addition, there are still no high-level competitions in the game, beyond some organized by local organizations, such as G2 Esports or T1or tournaments Twitch Rivals. In fact, the last is what I’ve been Mixwell with your computer.

CS:GOfor example, has its largest audience in the field competitive, being the tournaments ‘Major’ increase the numbers of the shooter Valve. But, for example, in LEague of Legends this does not happen, in part, because many players have big numbers by issuing their qualifying.

In addition, with the return of LEC and the SLOamong other competitions, the numbers on Twitch will increase significantly, so that we interpret it, it will happen something similar with VALORANT in the future.

Be that as it may, VALORANT has deflated a bit so far in Junebut Riot Games does not want to go quickly with their game and still go early qualifying. Yes, when you go away, the numbers on Twitch will change segur.

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