Riot Games announced that one of their titles most anticipated for this year, Valorant, can be tested in a closed beta that will be available from the 7th of April. However, this will not be for everyone, as it will be limited to players from Europe, Russia, Turkey, Canada and the united States. According to the developer, this was not the initial plan, as that in the first instance, sought to reach a wider public, something that is modified by the fault of the coronavirus.

During the last few weeks, the gaming world was revolutionized by the announcement of the shooter tactical Valorant. The title created by the developers of League of Legends, that will PC at mid-year, continues adding up to expectations in the public, which considers it a contender to replace CS:GO. These were augmented by the presentation of the characters, which promise to bring much thanks to their skills and personalities.

Under this context of speculation, the players will have the opportunity to reveal the mystery and to see what the game has to offer and that experience provides. For this, users in Europe, Russia, Turkey, Canada and the united States can sign up to join the closed beta, which will be closed for the rest of the regions. This is without a doubt generated disappointments in continents such as south america, which is not among the elect.

In order to explain this situation, Anna Donlon, producer of the title, is expressed through a press release: “Our plan was to bring the closed beta to the larger number of players around the world as fast as possible, but the COVID-19 distorted the plans, committing to a global launch. For now, we must focus on the regions in which we feel more prepared, to which others will follow in the following months”.

In terms of what will provide the beta, the producer explained: “we aim to capture the players as quickly as possible, and that is why we will increase the number of players in everything we can to test the infrastructure.” In turn, indicated that they would not let you play Valorant to a lot of players until they are sure of being able to work in a stable way with this “new and uncertain environment”.

On the other hand, the players interested and can register, you must create an account of the Riot, connect it with an account of Twitch and, once you activate the beta, you must visualize the steams featured Valorant to have option of entering in the beta. However, it was noted that the progress made in this can not be combined in the final version of the game, where the user will start from zero.

Riot Games seeks to go beyond the universe of LoL, to expand its audience and breadth of market. For this, they will come again shooter free that have as premise games of 5 vs 5 for the best of 24 rounds. Of these, 12 will be in the role of attack, and the remaining, in the defense, something that could give a good dynamic to the game. The goal of the title passes to detonate a bomb in any part of the map or turn it off, if it is to be the defense team.

To generate items more fluid, there will be no limitations in the use of weapons and have no restriction of use per character. It should be noted that each of these have special abilities, something that without a doubt remember to Overwatch, the video game Blizzardthat will be one of its biggest competitors of the market. However, these powers will not be fatal and will have the objective to create strategic situations, thus giving them more prominence and hierarchy to the weapons.

With the beta just around the corner, whenever lack least to know if all the speculation around Valorant meet the expectations that positioned it in a place that is ambitious, as is the search for dethrone Counter Strike GO.