The crime of racism perpetrated against George Floyd on the 25th of may in the united States not only provoked massive protests against police brutality across the country, but also triggered the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of several american companies.

One of the industries most rapidly reacted to the climate of commotion national living in the U.S. for the murder of Floyd was that of video games, which not only suspended events and launches, but questioned by social networks to users who made racist comments.

Such is the case of the u.s. subsidiary of Sony, which postponed a virtual event in which promised to show games from the PlayStation 5, whose launch is planned for the next Christmas.

“While we understand that players from all over the world are excited to see the games of the PS5, we do not believe that the time is right to celebrate and, for now, we want to take a step back and allow that to be heard most important voices”, published on the 1st of June PlayStation on their official Twitter account.

In addition, days before the cancellation, Sony answered from your account in the social network of the bird, to users who made racist comments.

“Not all lives matter to the lives of the blacks imported”, questioned the company to a user who replied the hashtag #AllLivesMatter; whereas another commentator argued that the company only cared about theft or damage to your products during the protests he replied with a “Our products can be replaced. How lives can be?”.

Another video game company, which changed its agenda after the murder of Floyd was Epic Games, which delayed both the onset of Season 3, Fortnite Chapter 2 as the date of the event “The Device”, the Season 2 Pass of Battle.

“The recent events are a stark reminder of the injustices still present in our society, from the rejection of the most basic human rights until the impact of racism both subtle form as fully open against people of color. We are very aware of the pain that our friends, family, team members, players and communities are feeling these days,” said Epic Games in a press release.

Although Sony has not set a new date for your event PlayStation 5, Epic Games rescheduled for the 17th of June to the beginning of the Season 3 of Fortnite 2, and to the 15th of the same month at 17 the event “The Device”.

Floyd died from suffocation after officer Derek Chauvin what esposara and put it upside down with the help of two other policemen, and he pressed the neck against the pavement with his knee in Minneapolis. According to witnesses, the victim was in that position for almost 9 minutes, repeating several times the phrase “I can Not breathe”.

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