It is undisputed that Tyler1 it is one of the leading figures controversial League of Legends in north America. On the 27th of January, he made some bold statements on Twitter, claiming that “Jungle is the best role in League of Legends and play the worst players. None of them is good in the game.”

At that time, the player was to strike the maximum range of SoloQ (Challenger) playing the role of jungle. And finally, at the end of may, has been achieved.

Tyler1 has played offstream to reach challenger playing jungle

At the beginning, the player started the challenge on playing on stream. However, as soon as he reached the highest ranks of the game, he decided to take a month off of your relays in the month of April to prove their point.

At the end of the month of April, reached the rank of Grandmaster, and yesterday, 27th of may, managed to reach Challenger 434 points. If you are curious, you can see the statistics of the account that has uploaded by clicking here.

Still don’t know what to decide Tyler1 on this account, but has managed to meet its goal: to achieve the maximum range by playing jungle. Took exactly 4 months to reach the maximum rank, something really commendable taking into account that he has played throughout his time in League of Legends ADC.

His three champions, more players have been Olaf, Ivern and Karthus. Three picks quite different that would have gotten catapultarle to the most high. With the challenge already achieved, it is quite possible that Tyler1 has “gained a level”, well, now, dominates another role within Summoner’s Rift.

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