Tyler1 is one of the personalities most curious and famous of the community of League of Legends. Today, it is one of the streamers larger and media of north America and his history as a creator of content has had several stages.

Yes, not all good, because, in his day, Tyler was considered the streamer more toxic of the whole scene of north Americato even be permabaneado League of Legends. After reform, his figure emerged, and his fame grew as the foam.

Is more, came up to have its own tournament of League of Legends called ‘Tyler1 Championship Series‘with peaks of more than 200,000 people in it, and has won awards for the best streamer of the year.

Despite being a player reformed, Tyler1 still have attitudes reprehensible and ill-advised in League of Legends, and a thread on Reddit he has demonstrated this, showing that he was AFK in a game that started poorly for your team.

What is Tyler1 immune to the bans?

Although in the past he was punished in a very severe, Riot Games forgave him, and even we have been able to see in a table of analyses on the LCS north american.

Tyler1 in the LCS

In this link you can see a secondary account of Tyler1 and how it stays AFK in the game, supposedly, for a start wrong, because none of his teammates said anything. Yes, noting that he was not stremeandobut that is an account that issues on Twitch espectándolo.

In fact, in the community of Reddit emerged another thread about a year ago speaking of Tyler1 and denouncing his attitude in the games and their ‘immunity’ to the bans.

The issue is that, as several users of Reddit comment in the thread that we talk about today, Tyler1 it is, possibly, the streamer largest English-speaking on Twitch, and ban you would pull down the content creator’s biggest game in north America.

Another user says that Tyler1 plays more than 20 games a day, and if you have an attitude toxic in 1 or 2, you will not notice it and the system will not register this toxicity, since it compensates by playing both and going unnoticed in many games.

Be that as it may, Tyler1 is renovated, and is supposed to have an exemplary attitude. It is clear that it is human, and may ragear and intear in any game, but stay AFK the only thing that does is revive the debate of the toxicity in the game, especially in a great content creator like him.