Ezreal it is one of those champions that takes the adaptability by flag. What we have come to see in 3 positions throughout the game: adc, midand jungle. And in each of their different roles has always had builds different that would have allowed him to tackle almost any type of game.

At the beginning of this season, with the disappearance of the Omnistone as we knew, and quickly found shelter in the Conqueror or in the Lethal Tempo without going down in priority. With the items occurs in a similar way, so here we bring you two builds ‘alternatives’ with Ezreal that will allow you to enhance other aspects of the champion.

Combining the Liandry with the slow

This build draws part of its strength in itemizarse Torment Liandry as a third item. The first two have no loss, Manamune and Gauntlet of ice. But in this case, we will use the ratios AP of Ezreal, together with the combo of the Gauntlet with Tormentthe passive takes the Liandry, with the damage of burns increases 2.5% against enemies whose movement is impaired.

In addition, if you want to further boost the build, you can even opt for the Boots Hechizero and combear as well with the penetration magic that gives you the Liandry.

Dance of death, perfect against killers

In this case, we opted for the larger version burst of Ezreal. We can still qualify for Gauntlet of Ice, but it also combines well Power of the Trinity. The novelty comes with the Dance of the Death as the third object. This option is fantastic against killerssince they have very complicated burstearte. Of course, it is ideal to play it with Conquerorand if you get together with a support as a Yummiyou can go really strong for the game.

In this build it is more advisable to go with the Boots of lucidityto combine the effects of cooldown reduction from both items. In addition, the magic resistance that brings the Dance of death is vital against killers ap.

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