One more day and as we are accustomed to the popular title from Epic Games, we have the opportunity to get a few Turkeys for free when you complete a series of missions available in the way to Save the World of Fortnite.

As we usually do before entering into the details, I highly recommend that you first clear the daily quests available, with which you will be able to get in a very simple manner between 50 and 100 Turkeys extra in Fortnite( see in-game daily quests available for the day today, but normally tend to be very simple).

Get 35 Turkeys in Villatablón to spend on Fortnite

On this occasion the vast majority of the players of the way to Save the World of Fortnite, we will have access to the mission available during the day today, as this will take place in Villatablón, second zone unlockable in this game mode. If you have just started and still have not come to Villatablón, do not worry, simply you should ask a friend to invite to their game and carried out the mission.

The mission that you have to overcome this time will be “To retrieve the Data in Autumnal City, in the area of Villatablón”. For completing this mission, in addition of experience points and gold seasonal, we will get 30 Turkeys.

If completáis this simple task and all the daily goals, you will be able to get a minimum of 80 Turkeys to spend on Fortnite so really simple. Stay connected to Generation Xbox to know how to get Turkeys free Fortnite in the usual way.

Santiago Carrillo

Santiago Carrillo

Spartan frustrated and faithful servant of Yor-Ha, with a gamepad between your hands for more than 20 years.