Each time we are closer to the arrival of the long awaited Season 3 of Fortnite: Chapter 2. And is that despite having been delayed on several occasions in the last few weeks, next Wednesday 17, we all have an appointment with the popular title of Epic Games.

To prepare for the arrival of the new season and as it comes being usual in this house, I say the best way to get a few Turkeys extra for Fortnite because of the way to Save the World. As always, we recommend you first complete the daily tasks available, as is is the fastest way to get between 50 and 100 Turkeys in the usual way.

Get at least 90 Turkeys free for Fortnite

More recently, the special missions are still a bit more complicated than usual, because in recent days virtually all have taken place in Summits Woody, the last area that desbloquearemos in the way to Save the World of Fortnite,

On this occasion only we will find a special mission available; we will have to Fight against a Storm of Category 2 in the Industrial District of Summits Woody, for that I recommend have reached at least level 108. In addition to the rewards common as Gold Seasonal or Experience Points, also get 40 Turkeys.

If you have not yet reached Summits Woody, you will be able to complete this mission since the departure of a friend that if you unlock this area of the way to Save the World from the popular title Epic Games.

Santiago Carrillo

Santiago Carrillo

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