The event Travis Scott ‘Astronomical’ has recorded figures that were unthinkable to be recorded for history. A concert virtual worthy of an artist of his caliber.

Travis Scott
Travis Scott Cover Official x Provided

The video game Epic Games held an event on the giant that the players could enjoy something special brought of the hand of a rapper trend in these times: Travis Scott.

After the end of the 5 concerts epic that experienced by the players of Fortnite so-called ‘Astronomical’ and performed by Travis Scott, we waited a very positive balance, but the numbers we were pleasantly surprised.

Epic Games has taken stock of what has been a marketing gambit tremendous, which had already gotten back with the event of Marshmello. However, this time, the total success acobijó to Travis.

This slap of success in the back, Epic Games is the da after get 12.3 million simultaneous players by way of viewers of the first of the concerts, the total figures shed now a figure without precedent: 27.7 million viewers in those three days.

This data was published in the official Twitter account of Fortnite in the tone of a thank-you for attending, and connect to the experience of a giant, that makes this platform unique among its competitors.

Thanks for Fortnite to your audience

Travis Scott surpasses Marshmello

The last time Fortnite managed to beat all records designed to the time with simultaneous players as the protagonists, it was not too long ago, exactly in February 2019. At that time the Dj Marshmello known for songs that have been hits around the world as ‘Alone’ or ‘Moving On’, managed to gather 10.7 million people during your event.

At that time the concert of Marshmello in Fortnite lasted just 10 minutes, a short time for the popularity of the moment. The event, Epic Games showed what would be a new form of live music from or virtual -who would you say now what would we need both?- and that already in the past had opted for this type of junctions between artists of a lot of popularity and the video game, because those 10 minutes were enough to gather a population worthy of a whole city, more than 10 million players they were virtually moving their heads enjoying that concert.

Let’s think a bit with the tweet of the journalist Geoff Keighley at that time, was the first to react with factual data before the event.

Tweet Geoff Keighley on Fortnite

Now it was very obvious that with 5 concerts and in quarantine he was going to exceed the figures of Marshmello in your concert in 2019, it was clear. It was, however, an unprecedented event, never thought it could get as many people together by means of a video game that you could now affirm that it is a phenomenon of these times.

The rapper Travis Scott will be benefited a lot with this and also gave him a touch of ‘cool’ to the game that is becoming increasingly popular. This proposal was a big step for the two, a move of marketing well-designed and made in quarantine.

The concert was so great that the rapper has decided to make ‘juice’ on the other hand. On their website, Travis began selling official merchandise of the event.

Among the products that are part of this expected release, you will find a series of hoodies, t-shirts, caps and hatsand even-and this is the most incredible of all- a doll action created so that you have your own mini rap star at home.

Everything is available from already on the website of Travis Scott so that you can make with a few pieces of clothing before they run out -if it is not already sold out.-

If you missed the concert and want to relive them, you can do so here (you leave one):

In addition to all this, apple created a playlist official for you to enjoy the songs performed by Scott in concert virtual.

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