Sure that you as a player of console you’re going to want to improve in Fortnite season 2and it is for this reason that we are going to offer you a series of tips, techniques and routines that you can put at stake until it debuts a new season in the coming weeks.

As the new season of Fortnite has been delayed, we still have a few weeks to enjoy the current, and it is for this reason that if you are a player of console you’re going to want to try to win the maximum number of games possible for you to get lots of experience points and raise your level of the pass battle.

In this guide we are going to offer you a series of tips to play better in Fortnite season 2 in consoleand try to blur that barrier that exists normally for those users who are using the computer.

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Tips, techniques and drills for playing better Fortnite Season 2 in console

Participates in events dedicated to players of the console

Since a few months, Fortnite allows us to participate in a series of cups or events in which you can face only to players who are using your same platform, in this case a version of the game for consoles.

In this way, for example, enters a game of duos or squads in one of the cups that are currently available, and choose only to participate with other players from console. This will allow you to have a few matches a lot more balanced, and learn with a learning curve much more gentle, and persistent, which will allow you to get good victories from the start if you take it seriously.

Creative mode

It is quite common for players to have access to creative mode to participate in a multitude of levels that are ready to improve marksmanship, agility, editing and also different types of games ranging from solo to groups.

But on this occasion we want to advise you to go to the lobby of the creative mode, and look for “Matchmaking Test”, enter the mode of game you want to play to improve, and performs games. Are games very interesting that you are now using the players to refine and improve on consoles. In addition to these games there are practically no tail, the lag is almost non-existent and, in short, will allow you to learn better, in a game in normal mode.

Looking at Discord

There is one dedicated to consoles called the Console Kings, and where you might practice, here you can find servers for different continents with thousands of members. You can join directly with an invitation via a link, and after that you have to link your account in Epic Games and follow the instructions of the administrator.

You can also find other Discord players Fortnite that are focused on console, or game modes, but that requires that you explore in your free time to try to join that you consider to be relevant.

These are some of the methods that you can use to improve as a player console in Fortnite.

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