The basics of Valorant

Valorant is not a complicated gameat least in essence. Although depending on the game and those who play you may think that no, this is not a title for you and I better find something like minesweeper or solitaire. But quiet, because it’s logical and it happens to everyone who just has experience in the shooters, or shooting games in first person.

If you are your first game the best thing you can do is to devote time to the practices that you offer, will help you to go degreasing the joints of your hands until you reach that capacity that they have many players to jump and shoot with precision to the height of the head.

Anyway, there is a list of basic tips that you should keep in mind in each and every one of the shooters that you play. We will air one-to-one.

1. The stealth

Unless you’re a kamikaze, never go to the light by the stage. In the first place because you will not be able to see whether or not there are opponents hiding in certain areas. And second, because it is easier for you to detect when they hear your footsteps. By the way, if you play with headphones the experience is improved.

Therefore, the first advice is that you try to make use of the shift key to walk and that only run when you really need it. This will give you an extra stealth when moving around the map.

2. Practice the shot

The target practice can come in handy at the start, although you should also practice shooting on the move. It is true that the level of difficulty increases, even more so if you want to do while jumping. But in the long run that will mark a great part of your game. Because the rest of the players are not going to stay still when shooting you to you.

3. Jumps without stopping

If there was realistic to know that to be continuously jumping would not be very real in a fight with weapons. However, at the time of defend yourself while you shoot and try to flee, it is best to not stop, jump and move around from one side to the other to that your rivals will find it more difficult to do it right.

4. Choose the right weapons

It is normal for the first few times you play with the character and weapons you have or the more you attract, but in a tactical game as it is Valorant must take into account each of the options. Know and knowing how to choose well your weapons will allow you to deal with the more likely other players in all sorts of situations, from a cross of ammunition within a short distance or to the most pure style of sniper.

5. The walls don’t always save

This is something that many players figured out years ago: the walls no longer cover thee always. It is true that all weapons do not have fire power enough to break through walls, but those that do will still remain behind of one can kill you. So, don’t get overconfident and take advantage of this same behavior when you are the one that is chasing or shooting at another.

6. Buy with head

At the start of each round you can purchase weapons that will help in the combat. Do it with head, especially if you lose since you’ll have less money. So, you can sometimes find it interesting to risk with the team as is to see how it evolves everything in the following rounds.

7. Know the maps

At the time of play, especially during the first games, take time to observe the map. Know the different locations and how they are called or how to refer to her players is important to play in teams. Although individually also it’ll be good to master it and know which places give you more option to defend and even attack.

8. Always on the move

That camping is not something that many share, but beyond the decision that he may take each one, what is it good for do not stand still. At least, don’t do it when you already have shot. If you’re going to get out of your shelter to shoot, so try to do it by switched positions so that your enemies not know where you will and you will lose that ability to have prepared the shot.

9. Strategies and combinations

When all of the above you already have more or less mastered, the next step is to improve your own strategies, your team and learn of the combinations made by other players. To do this, when you play, don’t stay only with that you kill quickly or slowly, you notice what they do to your rivals and stay with their best ideas. Thanks to that you will improve more quickly and your game will go up a level.

To learn all this you can also see how to play others through platforms such as Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube. Sure that you discover a special corner of a map, or techniques that don’t would have occurred from combinations of weapons until the use of the teleporters to send objects through them.

Valorant is fun and now is a great opportunity to start

Valorant is a shooter, so much fun and even though you have already games with a great acceptance has been made a hole. Now just started officially for everyone and that many are starting is a good time to do so you also.

If you have not played a lot this type of games will cost you a little the first games, but then you’re going to enjoy it much, because it is very fun.

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